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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  December 5, 2012 4:00pm-7:00pm EST

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before, that racism is just a waste of time. and how dave brubeck knew it, lived, he had a basist who because of this man, he said no to about two dozen different venues in and around the south, because they would not allow his basist in to play. he died one day shy of his 92nd birthday. wolf blitzer in the situation room starts now. thanks very much. happening now, congress takes a chance looking bad by leaving town before making a deal on the fiscal cliff. what's going on? if you take an aspirin to prevent heart trouble check the labor. our own dr. sanjay gupta tells us what a new study says about the effects of coated tablets. we'll also hear what happened during in flight emergency during one of the world's newest high-tech planes. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room.
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with just 27 days to go until all of us are hit with tax increases, takes it across the board a cut of $55 billion. people have it in their power to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff aren't negotiating, they're not debating right now, so many of them simply leaving town. but there's more going on than meets the eye. let's bring in our senior congressional correspondent dana basch, she has the latest. >> reporter: there's so much political theater around here right now, you could say tickets. one of today's acts was the house leaving. lawmakers streaming out of the capitol hill, racing to their cars to get to the airport and go home. it's a scene you usually see on a thursday afternoon or friday
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morning, not wednesday at noon. >> good morning. >> house republican leaders told members they're free to leave, because they have nothing to vote on. >> i understand that you are saying legislation has been put on the floor. when it comes to just pure optics of the house leaving with the fiscal cliff right in front of us -- >> i'll be here and i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president to get serious about solving this problem. >> in fact, sending lawmakers home is a way for house republicans to illustrate their current message, your move, mr. president. >> we need a response from the white house, we can't negotiate with ourselves. >> john boehner made a point at expressing dismay the president hasn't responded two days after the republicans sent him a fiscal cliff counteroffer. >> if the president doesn't agree with our proposal and our outline, i think he's got an obligation to send one to the congress. and a plan that can pass both
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chambers of congress. >> by trying to keep gop frustration on the president, boehner appears to be keeping conservative lawmakers off his own back for now. >> what's mood inside the conference. >> very united, very supportive with the speaker. >> multiple sources tell cnn in a private meeting with house republicans, boehner got no flow back for producing $800 billion in tax revenue, despite backlash from conservative groups outside congress. >> any complaints about this new revenue? >> i didn't hear anything. >> the speaker has full support of the conference to move forward and get something done for the american people. >> so far, rank and time republicans are allowing boehner to play out this showdown, trying to look reasonable while the president is intransigent. especially since republicans privately admit they have been losing the message board on the white house. >> the revenues we're pauting on the table are going to come from the rich.
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there are ways to limit deductions, close loopholes and have the same people pay more of their money to the federal government without raising tax rates which we believe am harm our economy. >> one conservative in the senate is breaking ranks with his party over the whole idea of raising tax rates with the party. tom coburn told msnbc today he would be okay with doing what the president wants, raising taxes on the wealthy, as long as it is coupled with entitlement reform and spending cuts. the reason we're told is because he believes at this point it's better to do that to get what he and other republicans want long term, which is a fundamental overhaul of the tax code, perhaps they can get that if they give the president what he wants now. you remember, coburn was among the first republicans a couple years ago to say it was okay to raise revenue. now he appears to be the first
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senate republican to say he would be okay with raising rates as long as it's part of that package we described. >> a meeting or a phone call between john boehner and president obama, is that at all in the works? >> as far as we know, no. whether it's in the works, we could only hope, at this point we do not have any indication that it is scheduled right now. never mind the principles, we don't have any word that there has been communications between their staff at all. what's flying out of the public still appears to be flying out of private, which is not a lot. >> the members are going home for a nice long weekend. thanks very much for that. president obama isn't negotiating like we just heard. he's negotiating to raise the tax rates on the rich as a downpayment on a larger deal to come later as far as taxes are concerned and medicare is concerned. >> let's allow higher rates to
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go up for the top two percent, that includes all of you, yes. but not in anyway that's going to affect your spending, your lifestyles or the economy in any significant way. let's make sure that 98% of americans don't see a single dime in tax increases next year. 97% of small businesses don't see an increase in taxes next year. and by doing that alone, we raise almost a trillion dollars. >> let's bring in our chief political analyst right now, the president also had a specific warning for members of congress, the republicans on the issue of raising the debt ceiling. listen to this. >> if congress in anyway suggests they're going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes, and take us to the brink
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of default once again as part of a budget negotiation, which by the way we have never done in our history until we did it last year, i will not play that game. because we've got to break that habit before it starts. >> easy to say, i will not play that game, but if the republican majority in the house says they're not voting to raise the debt ceiling, he says, i'm not going to play the game, what is he going to do? >> he has a lot of leverage. he just won this election. it's not like the debt ceiling debacle in 2011 went over well with the american public. the american public was disgusted by it, it was brinks manship that people did not like to see, in a recession, they thought it endangered the economy, republicans also know that if you look at the polls and they look at the polls, that the public would blame them if we go over the fiscal cliff by a 2 to 1 margin. so i would say that right now, and i think even republicans
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would stipulate this, wolf. the president has the leverage here, i mean, republicans also know that if they were to go over the cliff that the tax cuts on the wealthy would increase. you could come back and undue the tax cuts on the middle class expiring. but the president's in a pretty good bargaining position here, which is why you see him sort of hold firm. >> what leverage do the republicans have? >> well, look, i think it -- they understand that for some liberals going over the cliff is okay, because liberals say, you know what, we get those defense cuts we wouldn't get otherwise, and they believe the public would not like to see that, and i think at some point, wolf, you have to say, i don't know when it is, but at some point the president and his people as dana bash was just talking about, need to get to the negotiating table. let's be fair to the house speaker. he put a plan on the table that
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included revenues, substantial revenues, not raising the rates, i mean, that's the big problem. but he did do that -- lots of outside conservative groups are now railing against him. but he did put something on the table that was a serious plan, and the white house is not dealing with him on it, so the president has leverage, but at a certain point they all have to behave like grown-ups. >> newt gingrich knows something about going eyeball to eyeball with a democratic president. that happened in the '90s with billi bill clinton. listen to what he says about the fiscal cliff? >> i think no deal is better than a bad deal. i think going off this cliff is less dangerous than letting things build up for a year or two. the president has staked out a position of nonseriousness, i think it's difficult for the house republicans right now to find any practical way to get his attention. >> he's saying go over the cliff
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rather than accept what the president wants right now. >> i don't need to remind you this is the house speaker who shut down the government and that didn't work so well for the republicans. going over the cliff is something i don't think they want to do earlier. as i keep saying, wolf. the irony to me here is that the larger issues are things they really understand how to resolve, if you look at all their proposals. they just can't get there, because they can't agree on this revenue issue. where does the revenue come from. do you raise the rates on the wealthy? if you do, how much? and that's actually in the whole realm of things a sticking point that one would presume if they got in a room, they could get over. and don't forget, wolf, these people invented the fiscal cliff. they invented it, brought us to the fiscal cliff because they knew when they were up against
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it, they may be forced to act. the thought now that they would actually push the cliff off again is ridiculous. >> we'll see what happens. ridiculous situation. a pair of prominent house members will exchange their views on how to avoid the fiscal cliff, whether republicans should declare they've already won, what's going on. stand by. also ahead, a radio station turns into an international embarrassment. you're about to hear what happened when royal impersonator s entered the hospital where prince william's wife is staying. to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. ln fact, by thinking about where want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route...
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with new numbers, numbers that are getting 4rlots of attention. >> they're getting lots of attention because they're about hillary clinton. washington is already buzzing with talk of 2016 just as voters are starting to put the last election behind them. while some potential candidates are doing little to hide their intentions, one big political star is playing hide and seek. it could be hers for the taking, at least that's what a new abc news washington post poll finds, a healthy 57% of americans would support a hillary clinton candidacy in 2016. men are somewhat lukewarm about the prospect, women are fired up, with 66% saying run hillary run. despite her many denials that she's in it to win it. >> i'm flattered, i'm honored, that is not in the future for me. >> supporters are still showering the secretary of state with praise as she found last weekend at a conference on u.s. israeli issues. >> hi, everybody, welcome to the
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state department. >> reporter: that included this tribute video. >> i am somewhat overwhelmed, i'm obviously thinking i should sit down. i prepared some remarks for tonight but then i thought maybe we could just watch that video a few more times. >> reporter: until clinton decides her future, it's widely believed she freezes a potential democratic field that could include vice president joe biden, democratic strategist hilary rosen has her own prediction. >> i think she's going to run for president, but we're wasting our time speculating about it, she marches to her own drummer, she's not going to be rushed. >> have you talked to her at all about this, do you know if she's talked to political advisers about this? >> i have talked to her about it, and i've been shut down. >> reporter: clinton would have company. >> do you know any good diners in new hampshire or iowa.
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>> i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina ignored. >> reporter: all kidding aside, paul ryan and marco rubio already appear to be hitting on themes that seem to distance themselves from mitt romney's toc comments on people who receive government assistance. >> both parties tend to divide americans into our voters and their voters. let's be really clear. republicans must steer far clear of that trap. >> i've heard it suggested that the problem is, that the american people have changed. too many people want things from government. but i'm still convinced that the overwhelming majority of our people want what my parents had, a chance. >> reporter: republican strategists say their candidacies could help hit the gop reset button and give hillary clinton a serious challenge. >> does she scare republicans? >> i think she energizes republicans. what we're seeing right now are
4:18 pm
some very positive numbers for hillary clinton now. she's been out of the political fray for four years. when she becomes a politician again, if she goes into the political fray, into that ring, the gloves are off and the bell is ringing. >> unlike her last run in 20078 which went all the way through every democratic primary and caucus, hillary clinton would likely see her party rally around her in 2016 giving her a much easier ride to the nomination, one that many in washington thought she would have four years ago. i still have my press pass from 2008. the hillary clinton for press pass. perhaps they could reissue these if she decides to run again in 2016. >> she was the favorite then, she lost out to a relative i unknown junior senator from illinois. we'll see what happens the next time around. >> if she runs. >> that shows you how unpredictable these things could be. even though she would be the favorite. you never know what might happen. >> i think if she writes a book,
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does a few speeches, enjoys herself a little bit, i think she will say i'd like to be the first woman president. security is being tightened at the hospital where katherine is being treated for acute morning sickness after her privacy was invaded by a prank call from australia. i'm joined now by cnn's royal correspondent max foster. >> it's extraordinary. it's very simple. a couple radio presenters from australia, jokers on a comedy show, rang up the hospital, pretended to be the queen and prince charles and asked to be put through to the ward. just have a listen to the accents here, they're not that convincing, but they convinced the hospital. >> hello, good morning. >> oh, hello, there. may i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> hold on. >> are they putting us through?
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>> yes. >> kate, my darling, are you there? >> good morning, mum, how may i help you? >> i'm looking for my granddaughter kate, i want to see how her tummy bump is going. >> that was the duchess' private nurse. patient confidentiality is taken seriously, and the radio station quickly realized the error of their ways, it was a joke, but it went slightly wrong. they apologize for any inconvenience caused by the inquiry into kate's hospital. the radio station wishes kate and her family all the best. >> did they actually put on the air the details of her condition? >> they absolutely did. and the hospital has pointed out that they probably broke the
4:21 pm
law, at least that's the advice the hospital's received. this is a few other things the chief executive said. >> technically i think this was a breach of patient confidentiality, which i regret. having said that, the information which was inadvertently revealed is already in the public domain. i think this whole thing is pretty deplorable. our nurses are caring, professional people not to cope with journalistic trickery of this sort. >> max foster reporting for us. you get the point what's going on. pranksters in australia, potentially could be in some trouble despite their apology. we'll continue to watch the story. we, of course, wish the duchess of cambridge only the best. meanwhile, important new research that could impact
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more on the deadly typhoon striking the philippines right now. some of the other top stories in the situation room right now. what's the latest? >> at least 322 people were killed and more than 400 injured from that devastating typhoon and the death toll is expected to rise. with hundreds more missing. the filipino government says nearly 200,000 people are living in shelters. and rescuers are struggling to get some of the victims to many of the major roads and bridges
4:26 pm
by that storm. it looks like north korea is getting for a rocket launch later this month. a new satellite image shows increased activity by workers on the launch pad. north korea is planning a launch between december 10th and the 22nd. it claims the launch is for science and research. the u.s. condemns the launch saying it is the same technology that would be used to launch a ballistic missile. alan simpson is cutting loose gangnam style. >> stop tweeting your breakfast. >> yes, the republican from wyoming wants to convince people to get involved with lowering the national debt. he asks young americans to use social media to sign a petition.
4:27 pm
i think that's going to be a successful marketing campaign. >> he's moving like gangnam style. >> soon you'll be doing it. >> a billion people will have seen that youtube video. two prominent members of congress are standing by to join us live. they're getting ready to debate how to break the stalemate in the fiscal cliff negotiations. whether republicans should declare victory on taxes and move on. or are we all going over the fiscal cliff? let's see if we can work out a deal right here in the situation room. but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. at chevy's year-end event, we have 11 vehicles that offer an epa-estimated 30 mpg highway or better. yeah? hey.
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both president obama and john boehner are accusing each other of not making serious offers to avoid the across the board tax increases and spending cuts that people here in washington call the fiscal cliff. most house members are going
4:31 pm
home today with only 27 days to make a deal. two house leaders who are not going home are with me in the situation room. they're working very hard to avoid the fiscal cliff. thanks so much for coming in. for so long, republicans wanted to extend the bush tax cuts forever, now for 98% of the american people, the democrats are saying, we're ready. we've given up, we'll let you have those bush tax cuts for as long as possible. let's just resolve that, we'll move on to some of the tougher issues later. let's make sure that 98% of the american families have these lower tax rates into next year. why not give that? >> the debate over those top two pshsz, is really a strong man debate. what we need is tax reform in america. we need a simpler less complicated tax code. >> i agree with you. we need a tax reform.
4:32 pm
why not resolve this one issue, make sure taxes don't increase for 98% of the americans, 100% of americans for their first $250,000 a year. let them have that, and then move on to tax reform and some of the other issues. >> i think it's important not to confuse a quick fix with a real fix. we could increase the top 2% their tax rates to 100% and it would cover 91 days worth of spending. it doesn't solve our problem. this is our moment to take on the pressing problems that are facing america. part of it is the tax code. and we need tax reform, but we also must look at the spending side of this equation. the spending is out of control. we have this record debt and everything needs to be on the table. >> you think in the next two, three weeks you can revise the tax code? >> we can put together a framework to start those discussions so we don't find ourselves in this situation again. that's what the middle class
4:33 pm
needs. they need that confidence so that we don't continue to have this debate a few months from now. >> what the republicans are saying is, help them. help them walk-through this process by coming up with some real significant spending cults, especially in entitlements like medicare and medicaid. are you ready to do it? >> we're ready to help. in fact, we believe that in these next three weeks, because that's all we have left before the clock ticks to zero. we need to get this done. the american people every month they sit down, figure out how they're going to balance their books. we have to be able to do the same thing. let us help our republican colleagues in the house. 178 democrats have signed a discharge petition, which simply says this, for the middle class, let's extend those tax breaks so that we know that come january 1st, they'll be okay. >> it doesn't say anything about spending cuts? >> but at least we can agree on something. we don't want the middle class to take a hit. let's move forward with what we can agree on.
4:34 pm
in three weeks, can we get all of what you said, wolf, the tax reform and everything else done? i suspect not, but we can do something. we can move where we agree. and we agree we don't want the middle class to get hit. 178 democrats have already signed a discharge petition. all we need is 40 of the 240 ready to sign -- >> you signed the discharge petition? >> what america needs is for us to use this time to get the -- solve the problem. we were in this debate a year ago, we don't want to just delay the fiscal cliff. we need to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> one thing you want javier to agree to, to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> we need to have the spending cuts. >> give me an example? >> well, it is looking at the spending, entitlement reform, and growth in government. the president is moving in the wrong direction. he proposed higher taxes than he ever said during the campaign, more stimulus, more spending, that's moving us in the wrong direction. >> go ahead and respond. >> how much spending cuts do we
4:35 pm
want to see? i could tally up for you right now, $3 trillion with the spending cuts that we already enacted in law in the last year and a half. $1 trillion that came from the budget control act that was passed a year ago, that said a trillion dollars has to start coming up now, and that has begun. another trillion dollars which is going to be enacted through the sequester. we still have them. and we can move forward. that's another trillion, 1.2 trillion. let me give you the other 800 billion. we cut -- democrats without a republican vote, $716 billion in -- and we found $716 billion in savings through medicare through the affordable care act. that's real savings, we didn't jeopardize seniors benefits by doing that. we went after the excess, the waste, and its real money. that's $3 trillion in spending cuts without having any balance -- >> hold on -- >> that's smoke and mirrors. >> hold your thoughts. we're getting into a little bit of the weeds. but i have much more to talk about. what's going on.
4:36 pm
let's see if we can work out a deal on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff just ahead. the debate on high stakes -- the political stand-off will continue right here. also, important new research that could impact people that take aspirin. new concern right now about a common coating used on aspirin. stand by, this is information you need to know. with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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congress in anyway suggests that they're going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes and take us to the brink of default once again as part of a budget negotiation, which by the way we have never done in
4:40 pm
our history until we did it last year, i will not play that game. >> strong words from the president. we're back with javier beccera and kathy rogers. are you ready to push that aside and not play that game any more about raising the debt ceiling? will you vote to raise the debt ceiling? >> the republicans, i'm ready, i am ready to have this serious negotiation to solve the pressing problems. >> you don't find -- >> no, i believe it's very important that congress remain in control of the debt ceiling, because it forces us to address our fiscal situation. which is critical that we do so. we just heard a list of all the spending cuts. you know what, the budget. we've been running a trillion dollar deficit every year under this administration. president obama has nearly doubled the debt. the spending is out of control. and it's -- we have this economy
4:41 pm
that continues to struggle -- >> the debt ceiling -- >> the debt ceiling is our opportunity to really look at these questions, but the republicans want to negotiate -- speaker boehner the day after the election, went to the podium and put tax revenue on the table. this is our moment, this is our -- tip o'neill and president reagan back in the early '80s, they came together. they negotiated to save social security as well as address the spending. and it was a $3 in spending cuts to every dollar in new revenue. and that's the type of approach we need today. >> they never used the issue of debt ceiling in those negotiations. that's relatively new. the president says, i will not play that game. he may have no choice, because the republicans have a decisive majority in the house of representatives. if they want to play that game, he's going to have to do it. >> whey believe the president is saying is, we could get to a big deal, a good big deal that's
4:42 pm
balanced. >> right now. >> but he won't do it unless we know that we're not going to face this game again of brinks manship. >> part of the negotiation right now has to include raising the debt ceiling something. >> no business in america on main street would run their operations the way this government is running their operations. >> are you ready to put that in the negotiations right now? raising the debt ceiling, not waiting until february or maher? >> if we could have some negotiations. the president needs to lead -- >> they're not leading. >> they're going to go to camp david for a long weekend. lock themselves up in a room and work out a deal. >> this is silly. you know this, you probably did negotiate every term in your contract with cnn. you tell folks what the guts of the deal has to be for you, and then you get your folks to sit down and the president gets his folks to sit down, the secretary, his chief of staff, office of management budget and you work out a deal with the speaker and his folks and the leader in the senate, you silt down and do it, the deal has to be worked out between the
4:43 pm
leaders and the president as well. they're discussing -- does the president have to stay in a room looked up with these folks if they're not willing to do what everyone agrees with, that is to protect the middle class? what's the point in sitting in a room if we can't agree on that point. >> instead of having the 35% rate for the highest income earners go up to 39.6, would you settle for 37%? >> republicans do not believe that is the answer. we believe that tax reform, that simplifying the tax code is a too costly, too complicated. that's actually -- that would help the middle class. we believe -- we have put tax revenue on the table. >> by limiting deductions, and stuff like that. >> that impacts the wealthy. >> if there's an increase in tax rates for the wealthy, you'll vote against them. >> there's other ways to get that revenue that would benefit the middle class and the wealthy would be paying more. but we need to have those negotiations.
4:44 pm
>> there are other ways to raise revenue. >> elections have compromised. the president campaigned for two years, explaining exactly what he would do to the american people. saying he's going to let the -- tax rates expire for the top two percent of wealthiest americans. he said it, he's intent on doing it, that helps us resolve this issue. the republicans have to come forward with details of what they're talking about in terms of these loopholes, the last thing we want to hear is that the middle class -- >> we unfortunately failed -- >> the president also said he was going to cut spending. >> $3 trillion. >> keep working and working and working. thanks to both of you. let's continue this conversation maybe next week. i think there's still going to be no deal by next week. thank you. we're taking a look right now into new reports that the syrian president may be looking for a way out of the country. stand by, brian todd's got some new information. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf.
4:45 pm
bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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4:48 pm
our reports the syrian president bashar al assad may be looking for a safe haven outside syria. brian todd has the story for us. >> there's little doubt that bashar al assad's regime is in trouble now. he's isolated, has few friends left in the world. we've now gotten reports that assad may be casting a net among those friends for a way out. his army is on the ropes, fighting for its life around damascus and aleppo. he may be in the process of making chemical weapons. right now, everything about assad smacks of desperation. he's looking into the possibility of seeking asylum
4:49 pm
for himself, his family and their inner circle in latin america. >> we understand that some countries both in the region and elsewhere have offered to host assad and his family should he choose to lead syria. >> the foreign minister was recently in venezuela delivering a message from bashar al assad. the minister was also in cuba and ecuador bringing classified letters from assad to leaders there. we could not get responses from syrian leaders in the u.s. or latin american governments to respond. multiple sources in the u.s., europe and the arab world tell cnn there's no indication assad is ready to leave syria. >> is he the type of person that would take asylum or will he go down fighting? >> i think there's a chance he will huddle, it's whether his sect will want to huddle with him or not. he's been a failure as a
4:50 pm
president. >> reporter: the sect he's talking about are the offshoot of shiite islam, a small minority that assad's family is a part of. if assad does leave, could he be investigated eventually captured on war crimes charges. >> ecuador, venezuela, cuba are countries where he could feel safe for the time being. he has to be concerned about a shift in the winds and any of those governments as well. and certainly no one expects the regime to continue indefinitely. >> right now, those nations leaders are more sympathetic to assad. there's another ally even closer. >> couldn't he just go to iran, is that a more feasible location? >> it's easier for him to go to iran, it's a shorter flight. in the end the islamic republic is the place where president assad and his family are going to be safe. >> if assad goes anywhere else besides iran, there's a better chance of an assassin getting to him.
4:51 pm
exacting revenge for everything the assad family has carried out in syria. not just over the past two years of this uprising but over the past 40 years covering the rule of his father. you knew assad to be a brutal dictator for many years. >> good report. other news, including new concerns about a coating used on aspirin. it's designed to protect the stomach. a study finds it could reduce or eliminate's aspirin's effe effectiveness in eliminating heart attacks and strokes. what's going on here, a lot of folks take those baby aspirin or regular aspirin with the coating and now should they be worried? >> well, you know, the story goes typically, they take this and over the last several years, what doctors have sort of been concerned about, is that in some patients it doesn't seem to work, and what the doctors thought and a lot of people thought is that is due to aspirin resistance. what this new study today was looking at is what exactly is
4:52 pm
aspirin resistance, is it real at all? it could be caused by the aspirin itself. if you take a look, you have -- this is the uncoated aspirin. and over here is the coated aspirin. what this study basically says, it's that coating that has been the problem. it's that coating that prevents the aspirin from being absorbed in a way that allows it to do its job. they studied 400 healthy people over a period of time. on some days they found the aspirin worked pretty well, on others it didn't. that's why they've come to this conclusion in this one study. maybe aspirin resistance isn't the problem, it's the coating. >> i take it a lot of people take the coated aspirin because it helps protect against stomach problems, right? >> yeah, and that's why doctors recommend it. you worry that the uncoated stuff could cause gi upset or bleeding. it's interesting. even as part of the study they looked at that issue. i think this is going to surprise a lot of people. they found in this one study it
4:53 pm
didn't seem to make a difference. if you had the coating it didn't seem to give you any benefit in terms of protecting your stomach either. now, bear was the company that funded the study, and bear is a company that makes aspirin. they have a statement specifically about this, we asked them about this, they say they dispute some of the findings saying when it's used as directed, those -- both the enteric and nonenteric coated aspirin provides meaningful benefits safe and effective and is associated with significant side effects. there are things they say, wolf, and it's interesting. the company is saying, it just takes longer for the coated aspirin to work. and they say, in the study, they didn't wait long enough to measure it's effectiveness, they waited too short a time. if they had waited a longer period of time, they would find the coated aspirin did a better job. again, this is sort of new information. and as you point out, a lot of people use this medication. >> bottom line, very quickly. should we take those baby aspirins or not?
4:54 pm
>> i think the baby aspirin can provide a lot of benefit in terms of preventing heart disease, you have to make sure you're taking it. a lot of people say they're taking it, they may skip days. sometimes it can interact with other drugs. as far as coated or uncoated. this is an important issue, if it's not providing any stomach protection and providing longer to work, maybe you're better sticking with the uncoated type of aspirin. talk to your doctor about that. >> you're my doctor so i'm listening to you. >> good advice as usual investigators are trying to determine what went wrong aboard a boeing 787 dream liner. >> in fact, if anything is going on, it will be the area behind the wing, the rear of the wing the third door on each side. >> which wing? >> we don't know. [ roasting firewood ]
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
in new orleans, emergency crews scrambled as a boeing 787 made an emergency landing. there are no reported injuries but it's raising new questions about the highly touted new jet known as the dream liner. what's the latest? >> reporter: this dream liner just started flying domestic routes last month. since the summer there have been three reported engine problems, two during testing and one during takeoff on a flight overseas. just yesterday there was an emergency landing. >> oscar 2, arriving emergency aircraft, currently 55 miles north. it will be a boeing 787. >> eastern in an emergency situation, there's a lot of fanfare surrounding boeing's
4:59 pm
streamliner. on tuesday, a 787 operated by united airlines made an emergency landing and new orleans lewis armstrong international airport. 174 passengers and ten crew members were on board the flight headed from houston to newark when it experienced a mechanical issue. >> that's what i'm trying to tell them. they can pass -- if anything's going on, it will be in the rear of the wing. third door on each side. >> which wing? >> we don't know. >> it's behind the wing where the high/low electrical stuff is. we don't anticipate anything. it's where it needs to be. >> there are only three dream liners flying in the u.s. internationally, another 33. boeing's production of the aircraft was billions over budget, and years late. it's the first commercial airliner featuring lightweight carbon composites. that means it uses less fuel, it doesn't mean fewer concerns.
5:00 pm
>> make sure they don't see any dischoration. >> they don't see anything abnormal on either side. >> it's important to note, there were no injuries during this emergency landing. united tells cnn the flight's passengers were rebooked on a different plane to newark. boeing says they're going to be troubleshooting and working with united to try to determine the cause. >> tory donnan, thanks very much. you're in the situation room, happening now, a deadly escalation of violence in egypt. protesters killed right outside the presidential palace. we're taking you to cairo. also, suffocating conditions for some terrified civilians in syria. they're living undergrounds to escape the fighting. bun woman says it's like living in a grave. we'll talk about the war and the possibility of a chemical attack as well. with senator john kerry.
5:01 pm
and on the eve of legalized marijuana. pot smokers find themselves in legal limbo. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room. may hem exploded outside the presidential palace in cairo. two people are dead in what was once largely peaceful protests against the egyptian president mohammad morsi, anti-government demonstrators charged presidential supporters with rocks and molotov cocktails after being kicked off palace grounds. and now there are reports of masked men storming the headquarters of morsi's muslim brotherhood.
5:02 pm
reza sayah is in cairo. >> reporter: just a remarkable scene, where you have opponents of president morsi and supporters of president morsi locked in an incredibly tense stand-off. let's set the scene for you. that's the presidential palace over there. this is the main road that runs in front of the palace. these are some old train tracks that have divided this road on this side you have opponents of the president chanting anti-president, anti-government slogans. on that side, have you supporters. of the president. and in between you have scores of police officers. standing by doing their best to keep the calm. all right, we just had to make a run for it, because the clashes started to take place between supporters of the president and opponents. all of a sudden, rocks started flying. and there was a charge from one side. a lot of people running away, lots of crime.
5:03 pm
there they go again. we're seeing police moving in. >> this is one of the streets where there was heavy clashes between supporters of the president and the opponents. and police pulled up. three truck roads of police officers, let's go down there. >> they set up a barricade here, now you have supporters of the president on that side. opponents on this side. instead of rocks going back and forth, you have insults going back and forth. he says he's not going to do it. >> you're going to stay? >> he says -- we will do it like you see every day. >> every day. >> until they leave? >> yes. >> we've seen a lot of tense nights over the last week and a half. a lot of protests, we haven't seen this much violence. as we're talking we see a number of ambulances rolling into the
5:04 pm
area surrounding the presidential palace. probably headed toward some of the injured. these two sides seem defiant. they're determined. they're digging in, and now they're hurting one another. there's violence, they're brawling, fighting. in the meantime, the clock is ticking toward december 15. that's the date for the national referendum for the constitution, will that vote happen or will the president back down to the demands of the opposition factions? >> joining us now, a top adviser to the egyptian president mohammad morsi. thank you for coming in. >> i know you've had a series of meetings at the white house, the state department. let's talk about some of the news going on. three of the senior advisers to president morsi have now resigned in protest because of what they claimed he is doing that goes against the constitution of egypt. how worried are you right now
5:05 pm
that the situation is deteriorating on the streets of cairo? >> well, thank you. i don't think it is deteriorating, it's an expression within the egyptian society, because we are moving into a serious phase of the democratic process. within ten days there will be a referendum and we will come back to consult the egyptian people of how they want to see the way forward. >> the pictures are very dramatic. it looks violent. there have now been fatalities as well. >> unfortunately, because it's really terrible. and our egyptians are killed here or there. it is terrible to hear something like that. we hope that everybody will express his views in a peaceful manner. because we know this -- everyone has the right to say whatever we want in a peaceful way. this will build a better opposition and a better egypt. >> you're not only the resignations, but they're going
5:06 pm
after muslim brotherhood headquarters? they're going after the presidential palace. it's sort of looking similar to what was going on the days that led to mubarak's ouster. >> there was no violence during mubarak's -- >> there was violence. >> there was some violence. but in tahrir square there was no violence at all. that's why i'm saying resorting to violence is an unacceptable behavior. everyone can see whatever you would like to see in egypt now, and we have all the opportunity to make discussions and return back to the will of the people in their referendum which is free, fair and observed by international laws. >> the former head of the international energy agency says he's willing for a dialogue with president morsi, provided that the government -- your government cancels the amendments to the current constitution, granting president morsi extensive powers and postpones the referendum on the proposed new constitution.
5:07 pm
that referendum is supposed to take place december 15th. will you meet those conditions? >> well, the question is, will we accept -- the answer is yes. morsi has started a national dialogue before three or four weeks ago, and today he announced for another invitation -- conditions is imposing the will -- >> these conditions that mohammed has put forward are unacceptable? >> everything could be discussed on the table, but not conditions. >> he says -- what about, are you open at least to postponing the referendum on the c constituti constitution? moving from december 15th? >> if we are returning back to the will of the people. why should we be -- we can change the constitution, if there is the will of the people to change it. and today it was announced that if there is a need for amendments we can elect a new parliament, and within the new parliament, they have the right to make changes to the
5:08 pm
prosecution. we insist on returning to the people. the regional source of power. >> the argument -- the accusation that's been made is that president morsi, he was democratically elected. he got just more than 51% of the vote, which is enough to get him elected president of egypt the first election in egypt ever shall we say. he's beginning to act like a dictator. >> well, i think this is unacceptable conditions. he is insisting on carrying on with the democratic process. he's devolving his powers, returning to the people. what is democratic in returning to the people to the will of the people, to express their liberal views toward how they want to see the future of egypt. >> the other concern and a lot of the protesters, especially the liberal ones, you want sharia law imposed in egypt. do you? >> the liberals, the seculars and all those who are in the
5:09 pm
assembly accepted sharia. there's no dispute about sharia. >> will sharia law be imposed in egypt? >> sharia law as we understand it, is the base ic -- how to implant this within the country, this is something the parliament will decide. >> what will that mean for egyptian women? >> egyptian women has all the right to be in power to make their own choices. this is how we see a democratic state. >> equal rights? >> yes, they do have now in egypt equal rights as men, but we have to defy the traditions and awareness of these rights. our role is to empower women to have better choices and let them make their own choices. >> when we think of sharia law, we think of saudi arabia. is that what you want in egypt. >> i think egypt is different from saudi arabia. and different from other countries. >> will women have to wear a vail. >> have to? it's their choice.
5:10 pm
>> what if they don't want to. >> it is their right. >> that will not change? >> nobody will impose anything on anybody. >> we're going to have much more on my interview with egypt's presidential adviser and national security coming up in our next hour. we go through a whole range of other issues, including u.s. egyptian relations. stand by for that. up next, he's a veteran lawmaker and a former presidential candidate. might be the next second of state, who knows. we're going to talk about that. much more senator john kerry standing by live. making a bad scenario worse. growing concern syria's chemical weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and...
5:11 pm
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one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. ali joins us from new york. there are dramatic changes as far as the estate tax is concerned if we go over the fiscal cliff, if no legislation is passed between now and the end of the year, walk us through what the folks out there can
5:14 pm
expect. >> here's how it works, wolf. if a family members dies and leaves their estate not to their spouse. but to their decendents, their children or someone other than their children. the estate tax kicks in. here's what's happening this year. according to the independent tax policy center. a state center worth less than $5 million are exempt. the center estimates about 3600 people, families, estates will fall into that category this year. 2012. next year barring any congressional action, that exemption falls down to a million dollars, the rate you pay on that estate jumps up to between 41% and 55%. on top of that, there's a 5% tax on the portion of very large tax estates. the tax policy tenners estimates the number will jump from 2600 in 2012 to 53,000 in 2013. that's a huge increase from where we stand right now.
5:15 pm
as you know, some people call this double taxation, because people pay income tax on their earnings, they save it, and then the money gets taxed when they pass it on to their decendents. >> a lot of farmers are respecially concerned about this. let's say you leave land to your children or grandchildren. and to pay the estate tax, you have to sell it, basically, because you don't have that kind of money. >> this is a philosophical difference on the sides. congress does nothing. and those estate taxes revert to the levels they were before george w. bush was in office. those taxes were lowered to help us get through a couple recessions. this is unfair. people should be entitled to pass along their hard earned money. the concentration of wealth needs to be kept in check. it doesn't create dynastys. that was one of the earliest goals of this tax. as you said, the difficulty here is dividing up a house, or a farm or a going concern to pay a portion of the tax that is owed.
5:16 pm
that presents a problem for families having to pay that estate tax can affect the growth of family businesses. it's been fluctuating a lot in recent years. family run businesses can't plan for it. in the end it -- that part of things, the number of people who will actually have to pay that tax on big family estates farms or businesses is estimated to be about 50 people. 50 different estates next year. it's mostly a principle discussion. >> opponents call it the death tax. i haven't heard about you, in all the discussions over the past few weeks what might be over the deal. i haven't heard for republicans on the hill or the president talk about the future of the estate tax. >> because -- it affects you, it's a big deal. it makes up a fairly small part of what's going on right now. a number of people we spoke to said, it's not really on the table at the moment. right now it's one of those things that's going to expire, they might get around to doing it, but at the moment, it's a big source of revenue, and it's -- wolf, it falls into that
5:17 pm
category of things that were going to expire and return to a level they were at some years ago, it's a little bit of cover, it doesn't feel like an increase as it feels like a reversion to something old. at least you can get away with saying you didn't increase the taxes. for those who have to pay it, and those estates, those family farms, it's actually a very big deal. >> ali, thanks very much. my pleasure. a chilling cry for help in the wake of the murder/suicide that rocked the nfl. we're hearing the call to 911. >> kasandra stay with me. the ambulance is on the way. you hear me? yeah? hey. hey. where's your suit? oh, it's casual friday. oh. [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. now get a 2013 malibu ls
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5:21 pm
dramatic confrontation on capitol hill. bob dole appeared in the senate floor in a wheelchair to urge passage of an international treaty promoting rights for disabled people around the world. the republicans blocked it yesterday. one of the most vocal supporters is senator john kerry of massachuset massachusetts, the chairman of the foreign relations committee. senator, thanks very much for coming in. >> good to be here. >> you needed 67 votes to ratify this treaty. you got 61 votes. there were some republicans who went ahead and voted in favor, a lot of them didn't, and in part, this is at least what some of their staff told me, it's because the former senator rick santorum, the former republican presidential candidate raised this issue i is aing this international treaty would undermine his ability to deal with his daughter, for example, isabella, who's disabled. listen to what santorum said.
5:22 pm
>> i don't often bring isabella out for any types of public events. karen and i felt very strongly that as a mother and father of a disabled child, that we needed to speak for those in the disabilities community who have grave concerns about this convention. >> he went on to say, if approved, that this international treaty, the united nations would be able to tell people in the united states how to deal with his daughter isabella and some republicans were citing that as a reason for rejecting the treaty. what do you say in. >> i have great respect for both rick and his wife and their daughter and family, he's a strong family man. he either simply hasn't read the treaty or doesn't understand it, or he was just not factual in what he said. because the united nations has
5:23 pm
absolutely zero -- i mean, zero ability to order or to tell or to even -- i mean, they can suggest, but they have no legal capacity to tell the united states to do anything under this treaty. nothing. there is no ability to go to court. there is not one requirement of a change in american law. and there is no way to tell an american parent anything. now, that is according to our supreme court of the united states. that's according to the language in the treaty itself. and this is a treaty that was negotiated by republican president george herbert walker bush. it was signed by george walker bush at the u.n., and republican attorney general richard thornburg has testified the former attorney general of the united states, there's no legal requirement whatsoever for the united states to change
5:24 pm
anything. rick santorum was just not factual. what he did, he gave some people here an excuse to hide behind that when they know that there are people who hate the united nations, who don't want any united nations treaty. and so they gave them a reason to be able to say this is why i'm voting against it. we're going to come back with the hearings next year, again that will show people exactly what the facts are. we'll have all the witnesses in. i think it can be december positive. and ultimately, i would be prepared to put into the treaty language of the resolution of ratification language that can make it more clear than it is today if that will satisfy them. >> the other argument that some of these republicans were making at least to me privately over the past few days, when i was beginning to get interested in this treaty was that they wanted to make a statement that they just don't like, as you say -- they actually hate the united nations, and this was a way to
5:25 pm
send that message around the world. what do you say to that? >> well, there's some who feel that way. and i think it's a tragedy because despite some of the faults of the u.n. and some of the problems that there are in terms of bureaucracy in other problems. if you didn't have a united nations, you would have to invent one. there is no way for this complicated world of ours to possibly deal with some of the issues we have without a forum like the united nations where you have the ability to air your views. we don't like some of those views, we will never like some of those views. we will disagree with some of them. the fact is, the united nations is on the ground keeping peace in various nations around the world. it's indispensable to many different efforts in the world. and while there are some people who hate it, because they think we're giving up something for it, i think the large weight of history is, that we have gained much more than we have ever given up, and it has never taken
5:26 pm
away american sovereignty. there is nothing the united nations can do that affects the united states without our consent, ultimately. and i think that has been very clear through its history. >> what about a different issue, in egypt right now, i know you met with the egyptian national security adviser. i just interviewed him here in the situation room. the demonstrations are violent there have been fatalities today. they're trying to burn the muslim brotherhood headquarters, they're going after the presidential residency there. what's going on from your perspective. >> well, what's going on is, that egypt is a highly polarized, highly divided society today. it had a close vote, it has a majority who are very concerned about the longer term future in terms of transparency, accountability, democracy, and those people are very unsettled by what president morsi did when he announced these emergency powers. now, in fairness, i think it's
5:27 pm
comprehensible to a lot of us that president morsi was deeply concerned about the ability of mubarak -- of mubarak appointed and controlled effectively judges to make decisions about the completion of their constitutional process. i don't think it was well handled. i think they would probably agree today that they didn't handle it well, and they have to find a way to reach out to the opposition with clarity, boldly, bring them to the table and let all parties in egypt be part of the fashioning of egypt's future. i think too many people felt shut out of that, and that's why you're seeing this reaction in the streets. >> how close is bashar al assad's regime in syria to using chemical weapons? >> well, i think -- i hope not close, because the administration stood up and drew
5:28 pm
a very clear red line along with other countries. and so whatever thoughts they may have had about it, i hope they're moving back from those. because it would be an enormous game changer in everybody's calculation. i think the russians are deeply concerned about what they've been hearing about it, i think even iran and others in the region. hezbollah, others have to be deeply concerned. so my hope is, that they have pulled back from it. more importantly, i think it underscores the danger of the unraveling of this regime at this moment, and the need for a lot of countries to step up their engagement in a way that changes president assad's calculation about his future. so that there could be an orderly negotiated transition. the alternative is, much more dangerous for everybody in the region, and maybe far more costly in terms of lives. >> we have to leave it there.
5:29 pm
one very quick question. what do you think of john mccain calling you mr. secretary? >> well, what did he think of me calling him mr. president, sometimes we fool around up here, and nobody takes it too seriously. >> i'm going to take it seriously, see what happens down the road. >> senator, always good to speak to you, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. thanks. let's go to jessica yellin, she's getting new information about the fiscal cliff stand-off, what are you learning? >> reporter: i'm learning that president obama and house speaker john boehner had a phone conversation late today. we do not have a fiscal deal. there's been no significant movement as a result of this, it's meaningful, the two men have not spoken in a week exactly. their last phone call was last wednesday, as you know, speaker boehner presented a plan on monday and after that was rejected by the president. in an interview, there was no
5:30 pm
communication between the white house and republicans until this phone call between these two men. wolf, this comes the same day that secretary geithner said publicly for the first time, that the u.s. would be willing to go over the cliff if republicans do not agree to raise tax rates on the top two percent of earners. it's my understanding that republicans have not agreed to raise those rates and the white house is not negotiating essentially, wolf, until they see republicans make that move. >> jeszic ka, the things obviously could be getting more complex as you know, president obama wants to add the debt ceiling to the multiple issues already on the table. what are you hearing about that? >> well, this was something the president laid out in a speech this morning to the business roundtable. the debt limit and avoiding the debt limit fight is one piece of the deal that they are seeking. let me try to break it down for you and explain how the white
5:31 pm
house sees all of this come together. wolf? >> the president's latest move, he told ceo's the fiscal deal should include a permanent way to avoid future debt ceiling fights. >> the only thing that the debt ceiling is good for as a weapon is to destroy your credit rating. >> why is he adding the debt limit into this already complicated showdown over taxes and spending cuts? >> let's allow higher rates to go up -- >> we have to cut spending. >> the white house thinks of the fiscal cliff as a three-part problem. part one taxes. in the new year, taxes go up on everyone unless washington takes action. the government needs more money. president obama wants to get some of it from the top 2% of wage earners. he wants to raise their tax rate and limit how much they can deduct. the white house says this will bring in $1.6 trillion over ten
5:32 pm
years. >> that's what the american people have voted for. >> republicans say they'll agree to bring in more money, but not by raising tax rates. in fact, they want to lower tax rates for everyone. instead they'd raise money only by limits deductions and closing loopholes. speaker boehner says this will raise $800 billion over ten years. >> america faces a serious problem. our goal is to make sure it gets solved. >> step two, avoiding the drastic spending cuts that begin on january 1st, the so-called sequester. both sides want to find savings in medicare, but disagree about how to do it. >> we need a responsible white house. we can't sit here and negotiate with ourselves. >> and step three? the debt limit. >> i will not play that game. >> because we've got a -- we
5:33 pm
have to break that habit before it starts. >> the nation is going to hit the debt limit early next year. the president wants that extended as part of this deal. >> and wolf, as you know, if the debt limit is not extended as part of the deal, some republicans are threatening to use that as leverage to try to negotiate even further with the white house come late february. that's when the nation hits the debt ceiling again. and the republicans see that as an opportunity to open up these negotiations again if we can't find a resolution between -- a long term resolution for the rest of the year, wolf. >> as we say, that clock is ticking and ticking and ticking. not much time left to see what they do. they did at least have a phone conversation, the president of the united states and the speaker of the house. let's see, that phone conversation leads to an actual sitdown meeting where they can try to hammer out these issues and move on it. thanks, jessica.
5:34 pm
we appreciate it. driven underground by a brutal civil war. a syrian family living in unimaginable conditions for months. one daughter says it's like living in a grave. now it's not e but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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5:37 pm
the civil war in syria is taking on new urgency in washington. signs the regime may be preparing for a chemical weapons attack. that has officials making plans for a so-called worst case scenario. barbara starr is working the story for us. what are you picking up, barbara? >> you're absolutely right. the concern about bashar al assad and his chemical weapons inventory is now a concern across the middle east. syrian sevilcivilians already terrified and on the run. but it may be about to get worse. with intelligence showing bashar al assad's regime, is mixing chemical weapons materials, cnn has learned the pentagon and u.s. intelligence services are
5:38 pm
urgently consulting with syria's neighbors, turkey, israel and jordan. about what to do if it looks like assad is about to launch a chemical attack on his own people. >> as part of the absolute unity that we all have on this issue, we have set an unmistakable message that this would cross a red line. and those responsible would be held to account. >> but after tens of thousands of syrians have been killed in months of war. why so much attention now? >> increasingly desperate assad regime might turn to chemical weapons or by losing control of that to one of the many groups that are now operating within syria. >> a chem ka attack could kill thousands of syrians. if the regime loses control, what if terrorists, rebels or insurgent groups get ahold of
5:39 pm
the chemical weapon and flee across the border. >> nobody knows the neighborhood better than israelis. i can promise you they have sources on the ground. great, clear intelligence on what's going on. >> a senior u.s. official says all the allies are now considering how to keep syria from putting chemical warheads on its artillery or missiles. an air strike to stop it could cause havoc if residual chemicalsess indicate. >> we're going to affect everything you touch, clothes, curtain, linens, vegetables, everything. >> reporter: what if assad is granted asylum. u.s. owe fivls say they have long been planning for the day after assad. such as training jordanian troops to provide security. for now, they just hope syrian troops will keep those chemical weapons under lock and key. >> if assad is getting desperate. what about the loyalty of his military forces.
5:40 pm
u.s. officials believe that those syrian forces continue to suffer from shortages of supplies and potentially ammunition that they are getting too spirited. they're continuing their ilcanning and for now, that's what concerns the u.s. the most. >> it certainly does. the threat of a chemical weapons attack adds another layer of fear to a population already terrified by almost two years of civil war. 40,000 people have already died in syria. out there living on the front lines has not been easy. life has been turned upside down. folks are terrified throughout the country. our senior international correspondent arwa damon is on the ground in northern syria. >> reporter: down a steep stone stairway into the darkness. this is where a family has been hiding for four months p.m. the
5:41 pm
strikes were all around us. we just ran out with nothing, this 20-year-old recalls. we just ran and ran down here and the shrapnel was falling all over. since then they've dared occasionally to go back home to collect belongings. there would be bombing like that and we would come running back here. their home is just five doors away, but it's right on one of aleppo's front lines. it's been hit by artillery fire since they fled. we go home every two weeks to shower, fearful and terrorized the mother tells us. we have a weak home, it could crumble any moment. their makeshift bunker was a work shot, the intricately carved furniture still lines the walls. the last time the family
5:42 pm
ventured out was three years ago. they want to leave, anywhere but here. anywhere they can feel the sun and smell fresh air. their father refuses. >> poor but proud, he says he doesn't want to be at the mercy of others. here he can send his son to scrape money and buy a little food. it's humbling how amidst all they have lost and suffered they insist on offering us tea. the girls dream of wounded neighbors. their mother has nightmares her children are dead. and says she feels her heart is going to burst with each explosion. i just tell her it's far away. and not to be scared. but sometimes the bombings are so close the family says they choke on the dust. what can we say? we're living in a prison. prisoners in a prison.
5:43 pm
it's more like a grave. >> to give you an idea of just how dark it really is and terrifying with all of the sounds of the gunfire outside. we're going to switch our camera light off. this tiny flame is all the family has. as they listen to the sounds of war above. >> arwa's joining us now. arwa, it must be so terrifying for these people effectively living underground. you were there with them. give us a little bit more of the flavor. what was it like inside personally? >> it's a very suffocating experience, wolf. the realization that the bullets, the bombs are all falling above ground, but the space that they've managed to carve into something of a makeshift bunker really provides very little mental security from the violence happening outside during the short time that we
5:44 pm
were there. one can't help but to think what would happen if a bomb impacted the front door or caused the building above them to cave in. and you can really feel the terror that this family has been living in. they're so frightened that at best, the girls sometimes will crawl partly up the stairway to peer under this metal shutter that acts as a door, to try to get a little bit of visual of daylight. it is absolutely terrorizing, and then when you see the complete darkness that they're actually living in, it's hard to comprehend how it is that they're able to maintain even any level of sanity in those conditions day in and day out. >> arwa damon one of the few western reporters in northern syria right now. risking your life to bring us these exclusive reports. arwa, stay safe. thank you so much. >> a cry for help in the wake of
5:45 pm
the murder/suicide that rocked the nfl, we're hearing the call tonight. >> kasandra stay with me. you hear me? you hear me? kasandra. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs
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new study could mean some good news for breast cancer patients. lisa siylvester is monitoring that. >> there's high interest in this story. breast cancer patients who took the drug tamoxifen for ten years instead of five were much less likely to die. it's an estrogen blocking pill used by hundreds of thousands of women worldwide with estrogen
5:49 pm
sensitive tumors. one researcher calls the study a dream come true. police are releasing the 911 tapes from inside that kansas city home that javon belcher fled. the linebacker killed his girlfriend before taking his own life. the heartbreaking 911 call paints a chaotic scene. listen as belcher's mother is in hysterics. >> she is still breathing. please hurry. >> she's been shot? >> yes. >> right now is she awake? >> kasandra stay with me. do you hear me? stay with me. >> so sad. a police officer later gets on the phone and tries to get information about belcher from his mother. 27-year-old actor frankie munoz says he's happy to be alive after suffering a
5:50 pm
mini-stroke last week. he said he was riding his motorcycle in phoenix when he lost vision in one eye. and he felt his body go numb. he should be okay. wolf? still surprising. 27 years old, very puzzling. >> he's lucky to be alive, riding a motorcycle, has a stroke. thank was riding a motorcycle when he had the stroke. one state is about to legalize marijuana smoking, but what could it mean for federal drug laws?♪ ou make me happy when skies are gray ♪ [ female announcer ] you know exactly what it takes to make them feel better. ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] that's why you choose children's tylenol. the same brand your mom trusted for you when you were young. ♪ how much i love you [ humming ] [ female announcer ] children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade. [ humming ] and used by moms decade after decade. of washington about the future of medicare and social security.
5:51 pm
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just hours from now, it will become legal to smoke marijuana in washington state because of an initiative that voters passed last month legalizing
5:54 pm
recreational pot, but there's limits to how much you can have, and growing it is still a crime. there seems to be a contradiction between washington state and the federal government, how do they deal with this? >> it seem there's it, this is bizarre. there is a contradiction in washington before we get to the federal government. washington says it's okay to possess a small amount. but only if, apparently, you find it on the street. you can't buy it or grow it. so that is a legal mystery right there. but hovering over the whole issue is what happens with the federal government, because the federal government, under u.s. law, it remains a crime to traffic marijuana, possess significant quantities, and the government said those laws apply everywhere, including in colorado and washington where
5:55 pm
the voters legalized the use of the drug. >> so if you're living in washington state or colorado, what do you do? >> as your attorney, i advise you not to smoke pot. what has to happen is there has to be a negotiation between the leadership of these states, and eric holder and the justice department. they can't simple life expose the citizens following state law to the risk of prosecution. that would be irresponsible on the part of both governments. there has to be a negotiation. the problem is, and i suppose it's a little like the fiscal cliff, is there is not much common ground here. the justice department said look, we're not changing the laws. the laws are the same in all 50 states, and these states are trying to legalize it, but they can't overrule federal law. so i think the situation is likely to remain very uncertain
5:56 pm
for the foreseeable future. >> will they go into washington state and try to enforce federal law? >> they don't enforce much federal law when it comes to marijuana. only large scale traffics is prosecuted, but even then, the question remains of how do people get it to smoke it legally, and i think a lot of questions need to be answered before people can feel comfortable that they're following the law if they want to smoke pot. >> a lot of confusion, still, they need clarity on this issue. >> certainly. >> thank you, jeffrey toobin reporting for us. we have a update from cairo in our next hour.
5:57 pm
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happening now, the exploding crisis in egypt, massive protests against president morsi. plus, is al assad planning his escape. and encouragement from democrats that want hillary to run for president in 2016. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." we begin this hour with the fiscal cliff. it's only a phone call, but it's
6:01 pm
the most notable movement we have seen. the tax hikes take effect in only 27 days. our senior congressional kor respondespo -- >> today, president obama and john boehner spoke by phone about the fiscal cliff negotiations, but there is no progress. they still have a stand off over the rates. the president still wants to raise rates on the top 2% of americans. the speaker is not moving on that position. this comes on the same day that secretary geithner made it clear in language they have not used before, just how far they're willing to go in the administration to stand by those terms. >> is the administration
6:02 pm
prepared today go over the fiscal cliff? >> absolutely. there is no agreement without those rates going up on the top 2%. and they all get a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income. >> reporter: so wolf, it's a step forward that they're talking, but in essence, where we stand right now, it's still a stalemate. >> any indication that the vice president, secretary of treasury, others are talking with top people on capitol hill? meeting face to face and going through these items line by line? >> reporter: my understanding is that the white house is not going to start negotiating the details until they hear either more specifics from republicans on the rest of their plans, or republicans say that they will negotiate on those rates that they will agree on the top 2% on
6:03 pm
raising rates for the top 2%. >> and the president did not hear that in his phone conversation with john boehner. >> reporter: yes, that's correct. there has been no change in the republican position in that phone call. thank you, all day long, the president and the peak speaker trying to pressure one another. >> a lot of public pressure for the other side to make a move. since there has been no actual progress for a deal between the white house and the republicans, members of congress packed their bags and went home today. dana bash is joining us, a lot of moving parts, but a short workweek. >> yes, i will tell you on that phone call, that was the first time the president and john boehner have spoken in a week, and he didn't get what he was
6:04 pm
looking for all day from the president, and that is a counteroffer. >> lawmakers leaving, racing to their cars to get to the airport and go home. it's what you usually see on a thursday afternoon or a friday morning, not wednesday at noon. house republican leaders told members they're free to leave because they have nothing to vote on. >> when it comes to just pure optics of the house leaving, with the fiscal cliff right in front -- >> i'll be here, i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president to get serious about solving this problem. >> in fact, sending lawmakers home is a way for house republicans to ill straight their message. your move, mr. president. >> we need a response from the white house. we can't negotiate with ourselves. >> john boehner made a point of expressing dismay that the president still has not responded two days after sending
6:05 pm
incounteroffer. >> if he doesn't agree, he has an obligation to send one to the congress, a plan that can pass both chambers of congress. >> while trying to get frustration focused on the president, he is keeping conservative lawmakers off his own back for now. >> how is the mood? >> we're united. >> multiple sources say in a private meeting, boehner got no blowback for proposing $800 billion in tax revenue despite a real backlash from groups outside of congress. >> the speaker has the full support of the conference to move forward and get something done. >> so far, they're allowing boehner to play out this
6:06 pm
carefully plan. >> the revenues on the table will come from, guess who? the rich. there are ways to limit deductions, close loopholes, and have the same people pay more of their money to the federal government without raising tax rates, which we believe will harm our economy. >> wolf, a prominent senate republican, a conservative, is breaking ranks today, telling msnbc, that he actually believes at this opponent, maybe it's a good thing to give in to the president on the idea of raising tax rates as long as it's coupled with entitlement cuts. he thinks that's the best way for republicans to get what they ultimately want, a major overall of the tax system.
6:07 pm
coburn may be a outlie yer. susan collins just told a local reporter back in maine, that she thinks that the idea of just passing tax cut extensions for the middle class, letting those for the wealthy expire, might be the way to go at this point. but she says there should be a carve out for small businesses. so we might be seeing some movement here. it's baby steps, but movement among senate republicans. >> senate republicans very different from house republicans. the key problem is house republicans. i don't think the senate republicans will be a big
6:08 pm
problem. here is what the president said today on the sensitive issue of making sure this debate doesn't come back in february or march, listen to this. if congress in any way suggests they're going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes, and take us to the brink of default once again -- as part of a budget negotiation, which, by the way we have never done in our history until last year, i will not play that game. because we have to break that habit before it starts. >> dana, what's the reaction on the hill? a lot of republicans want to play that game. they want to hold the leverage if you will. they don't want to give that card. >> you're exactly right. when timothy geithner brought this proposal to the hill last week, and that republican leaders laughed. the main reason we're told they
6:09 pm
laughed is that the president inserted the idea of him having so much more power with regard to raising the debt ceiling, almost absolute power. republicans believe that's a fight where they can win. here, they understand that the president has the leverage. it's very hard for them to argue against raising taxes for the wealthy. when it comes to the debt ceiling fight, it's hard for republicans to argue against it. >> they will have to play that game even though the president says he's not playing that game. thank you. the crisis in egypt reaching a brand-new dangerous level. they grow bigger, and now they're deadly. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula
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6:13 pm
violent and chaotic night yet. in recent hours, we have seen deadly clashes on the streets, and an attack by masked men on his party's head headquarters. it could be a new arab spring unfolding. reza joins us from cairo, you were down there when things turned particularly violent today, what was it like? >> just a nasty nasty night, wolf. a lot of people were anxious to see if it would cool down, and it's not, it looks like it's heating up. a spokesperson issued a statement calling on everyone to go home, withdrawal from the presidential palace in an effort to the establish peace and calm. some have gone home, others have
6:14 pm
not, it's just after 1:00 a.m., and what has been an incredibly intense stand off between supporters and opponents of the president, they gathered in front of the palace, starting earlier, at one point, there was literally a stare down. and you just knew that all it took was an instigator. someone to throw a rock, debris, for things to get violent, and that's exactly what happened. at one point, debris flying all over the place. rocks, molotov cocktails, in came the police, they calmed some locations, more than 200 people injured. we have conflicted reports of two people killed. the health minister saying two people died, state media saying
6:15 pm
no fatalitiefatalities, more th people injured, both sides appeared defiant, and when you talked to them, looked at them, you could tell there was deep mistrust, and you wonder where things are going here. >> the president is feeling the backlash in his inner circle. some of his advisors have resigned, this is a big deal. >> reporter: it is. three advisors resigned today, but most of his inner circle is in tact, and he has a lot of support. the vice president came out today, the spokesperson came out today, and they gave no indication that they would back down, the spokesperson said maybe after this constitution is voted on, they may amend some of the articles. in the meantime, the opposition
6:16 pm
factions are not backing down. they want want president gone, or to annul the constitution and start over again. >> reza sayah reporting for us. the united states certainly has a vested interest in what's happening in egypt. we're hering so far a measured response from the obama administration. >> secretary hillary clinton says it calls for ugt talks between president morsi. >> we have expressed that repeatedly over the last weeks. because almost two years ago, the egyptian people took to the streets because they wanted real democratic change. and they, therefore, not the americans, or anyone else, deserve a constitution that protects the rights of all
6:17 pm
egyptians. >> future could depend on how the situation plays out and if president morsi chooses democracy or dictatorship. >> i spoke about that with a guest. >> you met with high officials at the state department, the u.s. still provides egypt with economic and military assistance, about $1.3 million a year. hundreds of millions in economic aide, did they race that issue with you? there was concern that if president morsi continues to move in that direction, the u.s. assistance could be in trouble. >> i think it's important for the united states than it is for egypt. it's mutual interest and mutual benefit. and the relationship is depending on the relationship
6:18 pm
between two states, two peoples, and two common objectives in certain parts of the world. we have to build this relationship on mutual interests. -- >> in this region, we save a lot of money for the united states. >> so you're afraid if the u.s. were to suspend that economic and military assistance, what would happen? >> it's not an issue of that or not, it's the issue of building an relationship on mutual interests and mutual benefits. we can build a better future and a better world. we have a pivotal role in the world. so it is important that egypt be stable and prosperous, and peaceful, and democratic as well.
6:19 pm
>> it's very important. >> we will be working and we are working very hard for this objective. >> will egypt continue to honor it's peace treaty with israel? >> we have stated this several times before, and we have implemented it. >> are you meating with israeli officials? >> the israeli channel with the appropriate counterpart is going on. >> did you meet with israelis? >> no i did not. >> will you? >> it is not something that we will decide now. >> the egyptian ambassador was recalled, has he been sent back? >> no, not yet, there are several stems to be taken. >> is the cease fire that you helped negotiate between israel and hamas, is it working?
6:20 pm
>> it is with skirmishes here and there, but we hope to build a lasting model. >> will egypt take steps to prevent iranian weapons to be smuggled into gaza. >> i will not take this as fact, we know they are smuggling weapons -- >> but they go through -- >> we doe what we can to develop and protect sinai to make it a safe place for egypt. >> do you still want american and other multinational troops in sinai to remain there? >> they're doing an important job, and we have no objection. >> do you want more american troops to help you? >> we don't want any troops to be there in egypt. we don't want any egyptians to what is needed. >> but there are troops there,
6:21 pm
they have been there for decades. >> they're doing a job for the united nations. >> you want them to stay there? >> they're doing this job and carrying it on, it's part of the treaty. >> the bottom line right now, and i want get down to the law in egypt, it is -- >> it is something, any muslim would septembaccept is how to implement, and it's our different perspectives. all agree on dignity, freedom, and justice as basic values. >> will women have the same rights if this is enacted as they do now? >> they do have the same rights. >> they will? >> yes, and they will have even greater rights. greater than some parts in the western world where women are paid less than men. if women is doing the same job
6:22 pm
as a man, she has to be paid equally. equal rights is staying very clearly, and women's rights are stating very clearly in the constitution. >> we're all counts on you and the new leadership in egypt to do this, because you're absolutely right, the entire region is at stake right now, and if it moves in the wrong direction, it could be a disaster. >> let's hope that we will carry on with the democratic transition, and we're determined to build a new egypt which we hope will be a model for this part of the world. >> still ahead, security being stepped up around britain's duchess of cambridge. [ man ] in hong kong, on my way to the board meeting...
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
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6:26 pm
. there is a new development in the case of that dramatic death in the new york city subway system, kate is back with that and some other top stories. new york police made an arrest in the case of a man killed by an oncoming subway train after he was pushed on to the tracks. davis is being held on murder charges, the case got national attention when photos were published of the victim tries to get back on the platform. >> a prank call is calling a step up in security. two radio dj's from australia pretending to be queen elizabeth the second. >> hello, there, could i please speak to kate, please, my
6:27 pm
granddaughter. >> not a very convincing accent there. an apology states 2da fm inserely apologized for any inconvenience caused by the radio show. we wish case and her family all the best. now to coffee, starbucks is expanding. they planned to add 3,000 stores worldwide in the next five years. half will be here in the u.s. the company says it will have 20,000 retail stores by 2014. it already feels like there's one on every corner, but now there will be more. to hear the treasury secretary tell it, president obama is prepared to let the country go over the fiscal cliff if necessary. for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction -
6:28 pm
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you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and you'll never need a referral to see a specialist. if you're thinking about your options, call today. when you call, request your free decision guide. and find the aarp medicare supplement plan that may be right for you. finally, president obama and house speaker john boehner broke their silence today, they actually spoke on the phone. >> not much came of it, and they are not any closer to coming to an negotiation. the administration is ready to go off the cliff if is comes to that. so let's talk about the politics involved with paul bigala.
6:31 pm
hello, gentleman, paul, you have the treasury secretary saying today they're absolutely prepared to go over the cliff if it comes to that if the republicans don't give on raising tax rates, isn't that a pretty politically risky game? >> frankly i think it's real. the president campaigned. the sticking point is the race. they say upper incomes should pay -- the president says he will veto it, and i'm quite sure he does. he said i'm not going to budge, period, and republicans will, you watch. it may be after we go off the cliff, i hope not. >> doesn't it come back to bite the president? >> i think not if you look at the polling today, but he's
6:32 pm
going to do it. the republicans will have to move on it. it's a position that he is asking republicans to take that the country voted for and supports. he's not asking them to do something unpopular, it's what the country wants. >> newt gingrich says the country may be better off going over the cliff than giving in. >> we will see markets plummet, confidence plummet, taxes would go up, spending would get cut, and it's a very perverse thing for the president to want to start both of his terms in a deep recession. the president said i want a balanced plan, and the republicans aif you show us a balanced plan, we can do that. i so would encourage him to get serious on the spending side. we know where he is on taxes, but no one knows where he is on
6:33 pm
fixes on the entitlements, and having a concrete plan. >> if he does that, will the republicans allow the upper income, families making more than $250,000 a year, to go up from 35 to 39.6%? >> you can't answer that until you're on the other tide. we need entitlement reforms and tax reforms, but you can't talk about one without the other. >> they stake their entire majority on not raising taxes. >> they have already put out plans that raises taxes on rich people. speaker boehner was very clear about saying that. so now is that enough to satisfy the president? and you can't ask republicans will you vote for this in the abstract -- >> the republicans moved $800 billion in additional tax revenue by capping loopholes or capping reductions. >> the number is, first off,
6:34 pm
it's way to little, the simpson bowles had like 2.8 trillion. but it's not even just the 800. many people think you probably can't get that from capping deductions unless you he looks like start eating into the middle class or you hammer on churches, charities, and universities. but republicans have to raise rates on the wealthiest 2%. then we can get past, have a discussion on tax reform, spending cuts, which we need, but we have to get past the cliff, and the way to do that is to get the republicans to say we'll raise the rates on the very rich. >> what you should do is avoid any tax increases. we already have tax increases from the affordable care act. avoid sharp spending cuts, and have a discussion in the spring.
6:35 pm
it's been a political agenda that was always something they could have done in the sprint, and the question is will the agenda trump common sense -- >> 47% of americans supported raising taxes on wealthier americans. 53% of americans would blame republicans in congress, not the president, if we went over the fiscal cliff. republicans have a problem there as terms of messaging. >> nay understand the situation, again, they said we're prepared to get more revenue from the rich, they made a tremendous move. they got no response from the white house, and essentially today, a courtesy call. they understand that the american people have asked for this, but they also know the american people have asked for
6:36 pm
some leadership. they asked for compromise, there is more to be done as well. >> they love a deadline, they're willing to give up their christmas vacation. as you know, the stakes for so many americans are enormous. right now, they have to get this done one way or the other. >> it will be right up to the end. >> as it usually is. >> we'll have new year's eve here in the situation room? >> i'll bring the champagne. eye opening new poll numbers coming in about hillary clinton's presidential chances in 2016 if she decides to run. ♪
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
as of today, we're 1433 days away from the next presidential election. >> for pollsters and politicians, it's not too soon to be thinking and looking ahead. jim acosta is here with some of the new numbers getting a lot of attention. >> and we're counting down those days, it's not that many.
6:41 pm
another sign that there is no cure, washington is buzzing with talk of 2016 just as voters are trying to put the last election behind them. some potential candidates are doing little to hide their intentio intentions, one political star is playing hide and seek. >> it could be hers for the saking. a healthy 57% of americans would support a hillary clinton clinton canadidacycandidacy. >> look, i'm flattered, i'm honored, that is not in the future for me. >> supporters are still showing the secretary of state with praise as he found last weekend at a conference on u.s. israeli issues. >> hi, everybody, welcome to the state department. >> that included this tribute video.
6:42 pm
>> i prepared some remarks for tonight, but then i thought maybe we could just watch that video a few more times -- ♪ >> reporter: until she decides her future, it's believed she freezes a potential democratic field that includes joe biden. hillary rosen her own position. >> she marches to her own drummer, she will not be rushed -- >> has she talked to you or political advisors about this. >> i have been shut down. >> clinton would have company. >> i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina suffer. >> all kidding aside, paul ryan and marco rubio are distancing themselves from mitt romney's toxic comments on those that
6:43 pm
receive government assistance. >> both parties tend to divide americans into our voters and their voters, republicans must steer clear of that trap. >> i just want what my parents had -- a chance. >> republicans say their candidacies could help set the gop reset button and give hillary clinton a serious challenge. >> does she scare republicans? >> i think she energizes republicans. we're seeing positive numbers for hillary clinton right now, she has been out of the political fray for four years. when she becomes a politician again, if she goes into the political fray, into that ring, the gloves are off and the bell is ringing. >> unlike her last grueling run in 2008 that went all of the way through the democratic primary and caucus process, hillary clinton would likely see her party rally around her in 2016,
6:44 pm
giving her an easy ride to the nomination that many people here in washington thought she would have four years ago, but there was a senator named barack obama with other ideas. >> you have a momento -- >> it says ready for change, ready to lead. >> remember ready on day one? this is a media credential press pass from her campaign. a lot of political reporters still have these lying around and we can just strap them back on. >> yeah, get ready, i think she will win. >> jim needs a break before then. >> still ahead, bashir al assad needs a way out. decoy bucket. then no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures only chex mix is a bag of interesting. at chevy's year-end event, we have 11 vehicles
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6:48 pm
secretary of state, hillary clinton, is warping today that bashir al assad may be getting more desperate. the u.s., meanwhile, is taking a new step to try to boost syrian rebels by isolating extremist groups in the country. the state department is now planning to designate -- >> as bashir al assad gets more desperate, might he flee to another country? there's a lot of speculation about that right now. brian, what are you finding out? >> there's no doubt that he is in trouble now, losing ground on the battlefield, isolated with few friends left. assad may be casting a net among those friends for a way out.
6:49 pm
>> his army is on the ropes, fighting for it's life around demascus. he may be in the process of making chemical records. right now, everything about president al assad smacks of desperation. he is looking into the possibility of seeking asylum for himself and his family. >> we understand that some countries offered to host him and his family should he choose to leave. >> the minister was also, according to israel's newspaper, in cuba and in equidor with messages. >> multiple sources tell cnn there is no indication assad is
6:50 pm
ready to leave syria. >> would he take asylum, or would he keep fighting. >> i think he will huddle with his sect, but the question is will they want him to huddle with them assad several times. has worked with his wife. the sect he's talking about are an offshoot of shi isralam. if assad does leave, could he be investigating, eventually captured on war crimes charges? >> ecuador, venezuela, cuba, are countries where he could feel safe for the time being, but he has to be concerned about a shift in the winds in any of those governments as well and certainly no one expects the regimes in those three states to continue indefinitely. >> right now, leaders are more
6:51 pm
se sympathetic to assad. couldn't he just go to iran? >> it's easier, a shorter flight, but in the end, the islamist republic is if t place where he and his family are going to be safe. >> he says if he goes anywhere but iran, there's a better chance of an assassination. not just over the past two years of this uprising, but over the past 40 years covering the rule of his father. we all. >> and what about assad's wife and children? any indication that he has sent them away or wants to or would? >> that's a big question. it's not really clear. even andrew, who knows the assad family, says he's not sure if she's going to go down to the bunker with him and three three children or move out. she has both dual syrian and british citizenship. she could easily move to london an live there. >> remember that fashion spread
6:52 pm
in vogue magazine. just before this civil war in syria started. thank you. we keep hearing about republicans in effect jumping ship, saying it's time to go along with president obama in raising tax rates on the rich to avo avoid the fiscal cliff. erin burnett's been looking into that. she's going in depth on that tonight. what have you found out? >> it seems more and more likely that we're going to end up in a situation where we get a pretty awful deal if we get a deal. there's not going to be a grand bargain, which is a big failure, but are there going to be republicans who are willing to make serious corp. mizs. tom mcclint ok's going to be our guest. we're going put the hard questions to him tonight, plus, wolf, you remember amy copeland, the young woman who went on the bungee jump and got the stitches and had to go back because of the flesh eating bacteria?
6:53 pm
>> what happened? >> well, she survived and she is our special guest tonight. she was honored with a woman of the year award and her story is pretty incredible. she talks about what she still struggles to do, whether there are still moments in the middle of the night where she feels life isn't fair. >> i'll look forward to that, to the whole show at the top of the hour. thanks very much. >> still ahead, robbing a bank is bad enough, but what the suspect did next gives new meaning to the phrase self-incrimination.
6:54 pm
of washington about the future of medicare and social security. anncr: but you deserve straight talk about the options on the... table and what they mean for you and your family.
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ancr: aarp is cutting through all the political spin. because for our 37 million members, only one word counts. get the facts at let's keep medicare... and social security strong for generations to come.
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he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. some beautiful new pictures
6:57 pm
of the ooeearth at night. nasa unveiled these images today. the lights indicate the most populated parts of the world. they're just really beautiful. just like at that one, wolf. it's really beautiful. >> i love these nighttime pictures of earth. >> nasa provides some pretty cool stuff. >> a lot more lights on the east coast. >> densely populated and darker. making this up. >> thank you. meanwhile, authorities in nebraska didn't have much trouble tracking down an alleged bank robber and thanks to the suspect, prosecutors shouldn't have a hard time making their case. jeanne moos shows us why. >> note to accused bank robbers. doesn't help your case to post yourself on youtube waving around cash and holing a sign saying i robbed a bank. while the band green day blares appropriate lyrics. ♪ and you might want to reconsider titling your video chick bank robber. 19-year-old hannah sabata was
6:58 pm
arrested one day after. corner stone bank in nebraska was robbed. according to sheriff dale radcliffe, who had to keep a grip on her as she jerk ed away -- the suspect seems to like writing notes. like the one that said then i stole a car. and indeed, a stolen car was used in the bank heist. we're not exactly sure why, but all of the signs in the video are backwards. not to worry, she helpfully supplied subtitles. so why you need a mirror to read then i robbed a bank. here's a subtitle in case you don't happen to have a mirror handy. she noted not only that she stole a pontiac, but it was a shiny one. she displayed the green, even supplying an exact amount, money
6:59 pm
the sheriff says was recovered from her home along with the sunglasses and backpack police say she wore on the bank's surveillance photo. her defense attorney wouldn't comment. she wrote i told my mom today was the best day of my life. she just thinks i met a new boy. instead, she met these boys. >> they didn't read me my mir randa rights. >> what led to her arrest were tips from people like her ex-husband. in the video, she brandishes a pipe she says is full of weed and complains that the government stole my baby and makes a cradling motion. she did lose custody of a child. she wore the same outfit -- and could send her down the tubes.


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